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Frequently Asked Questions on Grievance Redress Mechanism

1. How do I lodge a grievance?

The grievances can be lodged by clicking on “Register Grievance” button on the home page and also the option as “Grievance” is available in the menu bar.

2. What happens when I lodge the grievance?

The grievance is acknowledged online and a unique grievance id is generated for each grievance and is escalated to public grievance officer of respective department.

3. How do I track my grievance?

Status of the grievance can be tracked by providing unique grievance id under “view grievance status” link.

4. What happens to the grievances? How are the grievances dealt within Departments ?

Every Department has designated a Public Grievance Officer to redress the grievances.

5. What is the time limit for redress of grievance?

Every grievance is treated with utmost priority. Grievance will be processed with in 30 days.

6. What action can be taken by me in case of non-redress of my grievance within the prescribed time?

Your grievance will be escalated to higher authorities if it is not proceed with in defined time. You can also visit Directorate of Public Grievance 04th Floor, Udyog Bhavan Opp. Police Head Quarters Azad Maidan Panaji Goa for help.

7. What details do I need to login into the system?

You are required to provide your valid email id and mobile number. A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the Mobile Number and Email Id which needs to be entered. (This procedure is followed to ensure that the grievance is being filed by a citizen with valid identity.)

8. Can I attach a supporting document along with the grievance ?

Yes. While submission of grievance, supporting documents may be uploaded along with your grievance. You need to click on the 'Choose File' button to upload the same.

9. How will I get to know that my grievance has been resolved ?

You will receive an automated message on your registered mobile number and email id. You can login to the portal and see the detailed response under link "View Grievance Status".

10. Can I edit/modify my grievance after it has been submitted ?

Once submitted, no modifications/change can be made to the grievance. However, a fresh grievance can be submitted mentioning the previous token number.

11. What kind of grievances can I post ?

Any grievances relating to the functioning of the Government offices in the State can be filed. The grievance could be pertaining to Allegation of corruption/malpractices, Employee related, Harassment/atrocities, Land related, Legal related, Pension related, Policy & regulatory, Quality of service, Scheme related.

12. What are the types of grievances that are not taken up as grievances?
Any matter related to following will be directly rejected:
  • RTI matter
  • Judicial matter
  • Religious matter
  • Foreign governments
  • Suggestions to the government
  • Grievances of government employees concerning their service matter.
  • Anonymous Complaints
  • Vague and superfluous allegations.
  • Matters which have not exhausted the channel of remedies available in the concern department
  • Personal matters without exhausting available mode of remedies.
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